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    What will you most regret in 20 years if you don’t change it now?

    What if your company not only demonstrated impeccable ethical principles but also achieved improved financial performance as a direct result – and could measure and prove the difference?

    We can show you how…

  • groundswell

    What is your organisation FOR?

    What if your government department or local authority could unlock ways to deliver public services that were better than ever and cost less, not more?

    We can show you how…

  • groundswell

    What if big business could solve society’s most challenging problems?

    What if it were possible to fund innovative social enterprises that were all-win collaborations between private, public and third sector partners – AND significantly increase shareholder value as a result?

    We can show you how…

The Toolkit

Groundswell Systemic Value Creation

Imagine your heart and your lungs competing with each other for blood – you’d quickly become very unhealthy indeed. Yet this is the astonishingly sub-optimal methodology that has dominated the majority of our organizational systems for generations. Read More


Groundswell Systemic Communications

One of the most vital disciplines in whole-system value creation is communications. But not the limited forms of communications we have been used to. GSC breaks down barriers and opens up opportunities that have consistently been overlooked in most conventional systems. Read More


Groundswell Risks and Opportunities Mapping

One reason why past social and environmental improvement initiatives have been less than optimal is that they have been viewed in isolation. Companies, governments, educational bodies and others have tended to have a bolt-on silo dedicated to these matters. This has led not only to gross inefficiencies but also to yet more missed opportunities. Read More


‘Hidden Treasures, Hidden Tripwires’

Over the years we have identified numerous potentially disastrous economic risks lurking, like rocks under the sea, within organisations’ current activities and stance on corporate responsibility. In some cases these risks represented potential financial losses of very many millions. In other situations we have unearthed some hitherto unnoticed treasures on similar scales. Read More


Groundswell Values Analysis

It came as a shock to many HR professionals when a Gallup study involving millions of employees revealed that in the average company, an astonishing 67% of employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged. The bottom-line damage is, of course, colossal – but, until recently, it has not been considered quantifiable. Read More


Groundswell Complexity Metrics

It is often said that what gets measured gets managed. This has held back progress in social and environmental issues as well as in systemic value creation. The reason is that leaders have tended to assume that much of what is entailed by these disciplines is ‘intangible and thus immeasurable.’ Read More

  • One day in the late 1990s my colleagues and I were approached by one of the fast-rising young leaders of a major global business and asked a powerful question: “You have given me a wake-up call in today’s workshop,” he began; “I realised that I am two people: the ‘Corporate Leader’ and the ‘Family Man’. […]

  • ABOVE: Bloomfield House (or ‘Bloomers’), where Bloomers may bloom…   SAFEGUARDING OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE (and why Nigel Farage is SO WRONG) A sign of the times: Nigel Farage said, in a City of London speech: “In many, many cases, women make different choices in life to the ones that men make simply for biological reasons. […]

  • Almost every day we see scary headlines about the imminent financial collapse of the NHS. But could the media be looking at only one side of the coin? We think we’ve found an important part of the solution – and our NHS clients seem to agree. Groundswell’s NHS social and environmental responsibility team has identified […]

  • Most people have heard about biomimicry research and astonishing products based on spider silk, with six times the tensile strength of steel. But how about CSR performance based on ecosystem mimicry – with ROI at 20x to 30x! There is a phenomenon in systems theory we call Edge Effect. Among other things, it refers to […]

  • Surely we all want fairness and sustainability, don’t we? When you look inside yourself, are you happy with, on the one hand, conflict, resentment and anger OR, on the other hand, shame, guilt and a terrible reputation?

  • I have just found perhaps the best brief description of the role my academic and integrated communications colleagues and I play in clarifying and explaining complex global issues for business leaders. I found it in a superb book by Margaret Heffernan (Wilful Blindness, Simon and Schuster, 2012), quoting Gillian Tett of the Financial Times, she says, on pages 322ff:

  • Last week I attended the ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ conference at Caux, Switzerland. It was attended by 300 people from all over the world, many of them very senior indeed (at one point I found myself speaking on stage immediately before Kofi Annan!), in business, government and the civil sector. There is a growing sense that we are at a jumping-off point

  • Twenty years ago I was brought in with a couple of colleagues to help boost the sustainability quotient in a new hospital being built near Swindon, in the West of England, by Carillion plc. We had a ball. There had been a very similar-scale hospital built by Carillion (before the de-merger from Tarmac Group) in […]

  • Reading this interview with Tomas Sedlacek I suddenly saw an important thing: we are trashing our world and our species with well-meant but dangerous philanthropy. Adam Smith believed that if we all looked out for our own best interests, the ‘Invisibe Hand’ of the market would efficiently distribute the proceeds to all areas….

  • …or a great opportunity for growth and development? One of the biggest problems suffered by drug addicts is having to work so much harder than everybody else. In order to hide their problem, they often have to tell a lot of lies and half-truths. Addicts often find that their expensive habits push them towards the […]

  • Coca Cola came out of the closet recently with an advertisement that acknowledged the connection between sugary drinks and obesity. Among other things the ad talks about drinking smaller portions and taking exercise. There has been an angry backlash from some quarters, saying that the ad is wrong to put the responsibility on the customer […]

  • How to Boost Corporate Value with Corporate Values (and how to measure the results) A paper has been published by ‘Engage for Success,’ a UK government panel convened late last year. It tells an astonishing story about the enormous financial and intangible benefits that accrue to those with high employee engagement (EE) – and the […]

What People are Saying
  • Shared Value Creation

    “Shared value creation will involve new and heightened forms of collaboration. While some shared value opportunities are possible for a company to seize on its own, others will benefit from insights, skills and resources that cut across profit/non-profit and private/public boundaries… Successful collaboration will be data-driven, clearly linked to defined outcomes, well connected to the goals of all stakeholders, and tracked with clear metrics.”

    — Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, Harvard Business Review, January 2011

  • Whole-System Value Creation

    The way forward is to create economic value by creating societal value. Today’s new brand of leader is focused on the opportunities that already exist to enhance commercial success by solving society’s problems, not by adding to them. When this is done appropriately, the economic gains alone can be astonishing; the sense of achievement, the power of meaningful work and leaving a long-term legacy are perhaps even greater.

    — Robert Barnard-Weston, Groundswell, 2012

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