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How to Boost Corporate Value with Corporate Values (and how to measure the results)

A paper has been published by ‘Engage for Success,’ a UK government panel convened late last year. It tells an astonishing story about the enormous financial and intangible benefits that accrue to those with high employee engagement (EE) – and the extremely high price paid by those who fall short.

Many research findings were studied; they showed that a shocking two-thirds of employees say they are not actively engaged at work. The results are quite staggering; including these:

The study proves that companies in the top quartile of employee engagement, as compared with those in the bottom quartile, enjoy:

•    100% increase in net profit
•    150% increase in revenue growth
•    2000% increase in innovation
•    40% reduction on staff turnover
•    35% increase in efficiency
•    37% reduction in accidents

And the top indicators for highly engaged employees? Again, a raft of different studies show that they are consistently:

•    A sense of purpose in one’s work
•    Authentic senior leaders
•    Giving something back to society
•    The opportunity for personal growth
•    A manager one can respect
•    Feeling trusted to take responsibility
•    Fairness in the workplace
•    Feeling heard

And the most surprising part? Money plays a remarkably small part in this whole equation. Check out Dan Pink’s RSA lecture on what REALLY motivates us.

Here is one of our tools to measure and maximize these factors.

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