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One of the most vital disciplines in whole-system value creation is communications. But not the limited forms of communications we have been used to. GSC breaks down barriers and opens up opportunities that have consistently been overlooked in most conventional systems.

Decades spent in sustainability and organisational development work have revealed two important truths:

  1. Sustainability endeavours have consistently been costing money rather than creating value for all
  2. Sustainability endeavours have been failing to deliver optimal, whole-system, lasting social and environmental improvements

Both these problems can be solved using Groundswell Systemic Communications.

GSC is perhaps best described as a self-propagating communications organism which:

  • Combines internal with external communications
  • Combines interpersonal with artefact-based communications
  • Replaces monologue with dialogue
  • Is an iterative, evolutionary process

By this means, fully participatory processes generate all-win outcomes and value is created for all participants.

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