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It came as a shock to many HR professionals when a Gallup study involving millions of employees revealed that in the average company, an astonishing 67% of people are either not engaged or are actively disengaged. Even more alarmingly, while the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged staff is almost 10:1 in world-class companies, it is worse than 2:1 for the average employer. The bottom-line damage is, of course, colossal – but, until recently, it has not generally been considered quantifiable.

We can provide any organisation with an accurate set of metrics which measure the gap between staff values and organisational values. Or we can provide comprehensive, measured data on the gap between current values and those perceived by, say, the leadership team to be ideal future values.

Using a system that has been developed over fifteen years and applied with great success to hundreds of organizations, we can provide analyses and data across a range of over 100 values – for instance, transparency, trust, authenticity, control and reputation.

The keys to achieving the massive improvements that are possible in this area are threefold:

·   Measure the gap between organisational and employee values
·   Increase employee engagement through pride and participation
·   Establish a systemic value creation programme

Staff turnover, safety incidents, absenteeism, quality control, customer service, productivity and profitability… Imagine the boost to profits and shareholder value that would come from improving all these variables, simply by improving staff engagement, even by just a few percentage points. Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, estimates that being a Best Employer is worth $75million annually to his company in recruiting, retention and productivity gains alone.

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