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Twenty years ago I was brought in with a couple of colleagues to help boost the sustainability quotient in a new hospital being built near Swindon, in the West of England, by Carillion plc. We had a ball. There had been a very similar-scale hospital built by Carillion (before the de-merger from Tarmac Group) in the Southeast immediately before this. Loads of really powerful changes were made and the ripples from that project are still making a difference now.

What we weren’t able to get through, however, were our proposals to turn maybe ten acres of a very, very large parking area into a community farm. The benefits – to patients, to the community, to the taxpayer, to the companies involved – could have been colossal.

Well, a hospital in the USA has now done just such a thing and it totally rocks!

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBLqBdgXnyg and you will see the future of authentic healthcare (as opposed to disease-care).

I’m looking for a visionary health industry or food industry leader who can work with us on a business plan to take this into public or private health care in the UK. A pilot would not only be potentially huge in changing the way we do healthcare, it may also bring great economic benefits to its funders. We have a model for making this so.

Any takers?

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