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These are the members (associates) of the Groundswell team. Not only are these people exceptionally capable professionals, they are also deeply committed to the simultaneous co-optimisation of environmental, social and economic achievement. Few people understand how to go about achieving this. Fewer still are prepared to forgo lucrative, more conventional careers to demonstrate the potency of this emerging, critical set of disciplines. This alone speaks eloquently of their deep commitment to excellence and radical, rapid improvement in the fields of Corporate Social investment, Whole System Value Creation and evolutionary enterprise.


Robert Barnard-Weston - founder of Groundswell

Robert Barnard-Weston:

Groundswell founder Robert Barnard-Weston has made the relationship between business and society his life’s work. From 1989, he has been focused on optimizing the simultaneous creation of societal, ecological and economic value. Frustrated with the term Corporate Social Responsibility, he coined the terms Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and evolutionary enterprise and has developed a unique set of tools for improving and measuring performance in these areas. Robert’s clients include a wide range of global corporations, public sector bodies, NGOs and supra-governmental organizations. He has co-launched a series of social and eco-enterprises and five children; all are still thriving. Robert also teaches Corporate Social Investment and evolutionary enterprise at the University of Bath’s School of Management, one of the UK’s leading management schools.


Karen Barnard-Weston:

Karen began her professional career by transforming the customer service operations at the family art publishing business. In this capacity she inherited a manual index card system to manage the complex needs and wants of 75,000 customers across more than forty countries. She quickly recognized the need to drag the business into the next century and created such a successful tailor-made digital CRM system that the IT guys selling the tech begged her permission to use it at trade exhibitions to demonstrate just how much complexity their product was capable of handling!

Moving on to an infinitely more challenging phase of her career, Karen next joined Robert Barnard-Weston as they co-launched several successful social and eco-enterprises and five children. All of them – the children and the businesses – have grown and matured and are thriving.

Alongside managing Bath’s first eco-guest house, Bloomfield House, and several other enterprises, Karen now plays a lead role in Bloomers, the pioneering initiative within Groundswell that trains and supports the parents of young children in raising their families while continuing to develop successful professional careers that also help to safeguard their children’s future.


Genevieve Boast

Genevieve Boast:

A life adventurer and insatiable optimist, Genevieve has always leapt off the cliffs that life has offered her into the potential of the unknown. Prior to running her own social enterprise, Emergency Happiness, she spent ten years working for Excel and BSkyB in the fields of Continuous Improvement, Corporate Social Responsibility and Leadership Development. For much of 2012 she acted as the Global Ambassador for Think Love, showing people how to lead lives of love and authenticity. An experienced leadership coach, facilitator and trainer, she is now the founder of Beyond Human Stories, an organization that reminds people of their natural ability to live by their own rules and to write their own unique leadership stories.


Jenni Inglis

Jenni Inglis:

Jenni excels at something that is widely considered difficult or impossible: she measures returns on social investment – and she does it exceptionally well: she is one of the UK’s most highly regarded specialists in the field. At a time when public and civic sector organizations are under unprecedented pressure to deliver more for less, this is a fundamentally important set of skills. Jenni’s groundbreaking work enables public services to be designed and delivered to maximum beneficial effect. The result is happier, healthier communities and a happier, better-funded public and third sector. Furthermore, the benefits to Corporate Social Investment programmes are very, very important, particularly to CFOs. Jenni also has a hugely successful track record in raising millions of pounds in investment for social enterprises, as well as forging vital strategic alliances between these social enterprises and public sector organizations, to the great benefit of both.


John Campbell

John Campbell:

John has one primary commercial concern: values-driven sustainable performance improvement. Focused always on the huge untapped potential of aligning values and vision with practical, profitable business outcomes, he has successfully guided leaders and teams through the rocky waters of many major organizational change processes. Given that there has probably never been a period of greater change than the one we are currently entering, John expects to be extremely busy over the coming years. As a highly experienced strategist, he works exclusively at boardroom level and combines diagnosis and challenge with powerful support for individuals and groups. Over several decades, John has repeatedly proven that impeccable values and outstanding commercial performance are not just compatible but mutually reinforcing.


Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper:

Simon understands profoundly the potency and potential of partnerships between corporations, government and charities. Better still, he knows how to help these partnerships become and remain highly productive of benefits for all concerned. In addition to providing powerful and effective strategic consulting in Corporate Social Responsibility for many years, Simon also chairs three eminently successful charities: the Schumacher Society, Textile Exchange Europe and MusicSpace. He has served as a Trustee of the Demos think tank, is a Trustee of Bristol Children’s Hospital and of the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal, which raises money for children’s hospitals across the UK. Simon recently completed a major strategy review with ISEAL, the alliance of sustainability standards systems and, even more impressively, is raising young children.


Mike Munro TurnerDr Mike Munro Turner:

Mike works at the vital interface between transformational leadership and organizational change. He brings to this work a supremely effective set of skills and expertise in values-led enterprise and whole-systems thinking. Mike acts as personal coach to some of the business world’s most highly respected and influential leaders. His outstanding reputation in this field has much to do with his contribution to the increased performance, effectiveness and fulfilment thus achieved by these leaders. Mike also supervises coaching professionals themselves in order to maximize consistency, quality and results in their work. Mike is well known for his insightful keynote speeches and he publishes the UK’s premier coaching newsletter, read by 2000 coaches and HR professionals across the world.


Dr Paul ClarkeDr Paul Clarke:

Paul is Professor of Education at St. Mary’s University College, London, and Director of Sustainable Leadership at Mott MacDonald/Cambridge Education. Paul is a co-director and founder of the Pop-Up Foundation, whose initiatives include Pop-Up Farm, Pop-Up Coffee, Pop-Up Orchard and Pop-Up Power. At the heart of Paul’s work is a vision of a new way of activating breakthrough sustainability performance in schools and communities. He helps to foster this by triggering innovative, simple, accessible, small-scale approaches that are affordable, engaging and enormously enjoyable for everyone involved. Better still, they have proven to be fabulously replicable all over the world. Paul is the author of two established blog-based websites: www.school-of-sustainability.com and www.pop-up-farm.com. His latest book Education for Sustainability: Becoming Naturally Smart (2012) is an international bestseller.


Jen Baughan GroundswellJen Baughan:

Jen’s postgraduate research in Business and Community focused on approaches to gauging success in integrating the social, environmental and economic agendas through whole-systems approaches. She is also the co-founder/director of Independent Voices for Engagement, a non-profit organization that works in health and social care consultation and engagement. Jen spent a year-and-a-half working with the Partnership Development Team at The British Red Cross.

She is currently working with Partners In Innovation, supporting the growth and development of their main project Solutions for the Planet, an award winning sustainability programme linking schools, business and communities to increase employment and sustainable enterprise.

“At the core of my passion, my life, my work and my relationships,” says Jen, “there are three underpinning principles: Development, Responsibility, and Collaboration. My life so far has included refining my understanding, building networks, growing skills and generating opportunities to apply these principles. I love people, communication, languages, my vegetables, travelling, my family (they should perhaps have come first) and helping people to explore their potential (including my own!),” she concludes.


John Condon photoJohn Condon:

Among other considerable achievements in the field, John knows precisely what it takes to make a major global financial institution an outstanding corporate citizen. As Vice President with global responsibility for sustainability at Northern Trust, John led the bank to inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the USA as well as the Global Index and held EMEA regional responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility.

During this period, in 2010, Forbes Magazine ranked Northern Trust as ‘the world’s most admired company’ in the ‘Super-Regional Banks’ category. John also led Northern Trust through The Heart of the City’s induction programme at this time, further enhancing the reputation and standing of the bank at a uniquely challenging time for the financial industry as a whole.

John is a Board Member of Carplus, the national resource for sustainable transport information, where he is working to develop the organisation’s vision and mission prior to recruiting a new Chief Executive. His pro bono work includes providing online content for HRH The Prince of Wales’ Start charity where he acts as advisor, blogger and writer on low carbon transport.

John is a Trustee of Hackney City Farm, where he is currently working to improve its corporate membership links; he is also the Vice Chairman of School Governors at Hackney City Farm’s key stage four school for vulnerable children.


Jon RossJon Ross:

Jon is a systems thinker with a particular aptitude for getting critical changes made successfully across large-scale complex systems. His wide-ranging work in organisational development and sustainability programmes is informed by a decade’s experience as a financial strategist with PwC. He excels, therefore, at combining social and environmental improvement with commercial and economic rigour. Jon’s approach to client work is a mix of strong commercial & programme management disciplines, blended with his talent for helping clients envision, articulate & take responsibility for their own change journeys. His broad experience spans the telecommunications, banking, fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, entertainment, broadcasting and auto industries and he has worked across many cultures and four continents.


Veronica Hannon Groundswell Transform Communications Fredericks FoundationVeronica Hannon

Veronica (or Ronnie to all who know her) works at a senior level creating marketing and communications strategies that deliver a long-term sustainable difference to organisations.
She has particular experience in the field of organisational development and design, leadership and coaching drawing on her work with leading organisations in this field.
As passionate about internal communications as external campaigns, Ronnie brings clarity of thought and integrity to her campaigns that capture the essence of an organisation.
In her role as the Director of Transform Communications, Ronnie works with public, private and Not for Profit (NfP) organisations and sits on the board of Fredericks Foundation, a charity that provides funding and support to help disadvantaged people set up and expand their own business to achieve financial independence.


Neha Broota, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, has worked on multidisciplinary charity projects with budgets of up to 10 million dollars. She began her career at KPMG Sydney, and gained a reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes on large audits for blue chip clients.Neha Broota
Neha has over 10 years’ experience of corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Neha began her career with KPMG, Sydney where she rose quickly to Assistant Manager, using her strong strategic abilities to deliver exceptional outcomes on large audits for blue-chip clients.
Neha has since combined her strong corporate grounding with her passion for the not-for-profit sector, where she has undertaken numerous multidisciplinary projects for various organisations. She worked in Mumbai with a charity dedicated to helping women and children in the slum areas for six months and upon her return to Sydney assisted in a number of Social Return on Investments projects with various not-for-profit organisations. She then progressed to become a Project Manager in one of Australia’s largest charities, working on assignments such as a $10 million bond structure.
Neha has recently moved to London and is keen to further her work and impact in the social/international development sector.
Neha is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and has graduated from The University of Technology Sydney with Bachelors of Commerce.


Dr Rupesh Shah: researcher, educator, designer and evaluator; Associate Lecturer at the Open University, advisor at Amnesty International.Dr Rupesh Shah

Rupesh works as a researcher, educator, designer and evaluator using system thinking and action research to improve complex multi-stakeholder and inter-cultural situations. He designs and develops participatory programmes for learning and change, systemic reviews and person-centred evaluations in dynamic social contexts.
He is currently developing an innovation partnership for the accreditation of experiential and social learning for a more active citizenship. Rupesh works part time as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University tutoring a Masters in Systems Thinking in Practice. He also works for a community health development organisation supporting programme innovation and evaluation.

Looking further back, Rupesh has delivered training for environmental organisations on systems thinking and worked as a senior advisor on learning and impact at Amnesty International. He has worked as a programme manager for a community media and human rights programme in India and as an action researcher in a programme to develop more systemic management practices in a UK university.

He is chair of the Watford Arts Recycling Project, a member of a systems practitioner network called ‘SciO’ (Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations) and recently completed a chapter for a book about personal stories of engagement with ‘The Great Turning’.


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