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I have just found perhaps the best brief description of the role we play in clarifying and explaining complex global issues for business leaders. I found it in a superb book by Margaret Heffernan (Wilful Blindness, Simon and Schuster, 2012), quoting Gillian Tett of the Financial Times, she says, on pages 322ff:

“‘The banking world became very siloed in part because it all looked very complicated and geeky and boring,’ says Gillian Tett, one of the few journalists who was willing to work through banking’s complexity to see what was going on. ‘But there are lots of issues that are like that – like global warming and poverty and science – and these are really going to affect our lives! We can’t afford to delegate knowledge of these things to experts because that’s how those siloes get built. And not just in business but in our lives, in our society.’

Her point is well made. As long as we back away from subjects we find too complex or too complicated, we keep ourselves blind, abdicating responsibility. The banking collapse could happen, Tett argues, because we let it happen by our decision not to question financial instruments we did not understand. ‘You need cultural translators – journalists, academics, thinkers who can interpret a lot of technical information,’ Tett concedes. ‘You need them to make these subjects accessible, so that we are all thinking about them. We have to ask ourselves: How many siloes are there that I am shutting my eyes to? We need constant monitoring of those siloes and a lot of checks and balances so that they cannot get so isolated.'”

In addition to my own thirty years of researching, writing, teaching, speaking and practising in sustainability, social justice and social enterprise, I am lucky enough to have alongside me a whole multi-disciplinary range of specialists in all the related fields with a combined few centuries of expertise and deep understanding of these crucial issues. You could think of us as the ‘Social Equity and Sustainability for Dummies’ crew!

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