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One day in the late 1990s my colleagues and I were approached by one of the fast-rising young leaders of a major global business and asked a powerful question: “You have given me a wake-up call in today’s workshop,” he began; “I realised that I am two people: the ‘Corporate Leader’ and the ‘Family Man’. Today I saw that they could became one!”

Then came the question: “How can we take my family leadership style and blend it into the ways I lead my people at work?”

What we discovered was that our client had been thinking, when at the office, as a leader of thousands. At home he was a co-leader of half a dozen. We began to talk through his epiphany and made some profound realisations. At home, decisions were messy, often painful and hard to reach, even over apparently small matters like which child got to choose the bedtime story that day. Yet these decisions were often more satisfying.

Today that man’s children are young adults, making their mark on the world: prospering, learning and growing. And many of his former employees are world-class leaders in their field too. And he is now one of the most highly respected leaders in the world as Prime Minister of one of the world’s most admired and successful democracies.

What this client had seen was that in order to inspire passion, performance and self-leadership, people needed to be led by those who wanted the best for them in every part of their lives: mentally, emotionally, materially, interpersonally and spiritually.

We have been working on that basis with our clients ever since. Click here if you’d like to learn more about our employee wellbeing and engagement leadership programme.

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