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GROUNDSWELL – Whole-System Value Creation

Groundswell takes a refreshingly new approach to the co-optimisation of environmental, social and economic issues. It brings together corporate leaders, employees, customers, investors, communities, government departments, local authorities, NGOs, faith groups, media, and other participants to create a variety of highly productive collaborations for the benefit of all.


Based on a whole-systems philosophy and organisational practices, Groundswell’s rigorous approach combines a powerful set of techniques that are designed to produce outcomes which are ‘wholes greater than the sums of their parts.’ These techniques include Participatory Action Research, Collaborative Inquiry, Systems Thinking, Strategic Communications and Complexity Metrics.


In the last fifty years we humans have sacrificed environmental balance, social justice and the integrity of leadership on the altar of economic success. The ironic results are economic failure, acute environmental problems, social disruption and epidemic mistrust of leaders. It is time for a decisive change in the way we address these issues: focused on whole-system value creation, the Groundswell philosophy and practices are designed to help all participants to flourish, economically, ecologically and socially.


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