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Perhaps surprisingly: businesses might!

We see enormous amounts of material in the media telling us that business is the villain – but I believe it may be our best chance for surviving and thriving.

What have these four got in common?

•    Climate change
•    Pandemics
•    Terrorism
•    Economic meltdown

Actually they have several things in common:

1.    They are all global problems
2.    They can only be solved on a global scale
3.    Business is often blamed for all of them
4.    Business has the best means and reach to effect solutions

Arguing over who is to blame is like calling in the arson detectives when your house is on fire. You might want to know who caused it but it would be good to make your children safe first.

The key is to make it worthwhile to business leaders to engage in helping to solve these problems. The way to do that is to show them ways it can boost profits and shareholder value.

And that we call Systemic Value Creation.

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